Thursday, November 29, 2007

iApp-A-Day: Thank You Sean!

Sean Heber is the iPhone native 3rd party apps developer who promised to deliver one iPhone application per day for the whole month of November. He called this project iApp-a-day. I was really interested in this concept and it his little apps showed just what you can do with the iPhone. Be it a useless but funny app such as Poke or Uncle, apps that use the acceleratometer like Elmo or Scribble, little mini-games like Mix-up or Bard and (my favorite) apps that let you SHARE with other iPhone owners, like Burp, Quest, World and Wallpaper.

Burp, Quest and World each let iPhone users take photos and share them in different contexts. For example, Quest puts you on a mission to photograph something, such as an insect or an old man. World shows you a world map and let's you tap where your country is and share a photo you, and displays other people's photos and global locations. Wallpaper is the most useful app of all in my opinion. It lets you share your wallpaper with other iPhone owners and you can save other people's wallpapers for your own use later. I got a lot of cool wallpapers from this app! Now if only I can find a wallpaper randomizer...

There is one problem though. Even clean and innocent iPhone has fallen in the hands of pervs. People sometimes post pictures of their "members" while bored in "facilities." While this was funny at first, I am getting sick of it. So people, please stop it, we don't want to know you have bedroom issues.

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