Sunday, November 25, 2007

My favorite dish (+favorite drink!)

Right this has nothing to do with the iPhone or my music, but hey this is my blog and I can write whatever I want in it :-p

A couple of days ago I celebrated my first wedding anniversary (happy anniversary Emani!). My wife and I decided to have dinner at our favorite restaurant in Bahrain: Monsoon. I really like monsoon because the food is amazing and the atmosphere is enchanting! It's perfect for a romantic rendez vous or a fancy night out with friends at a fair price (for what you're getting of course).

My favorite dish on the Monsoon menu have to be the Spicy Sweet and Sour chicken. If you like garlic, this is the dish for you! The chili the chef uses isn't very hot, but you can request an extra level of spiciness if you are of the daring persuasion. If you prefer a milder dish, try my other favorite; the chicken panang. It's a Malaysian coconut based dish that's extremely addictive (it was my previous favorite until I tried the Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken lol). It was the only dish I ordered for a while!

Monsoon also makes my favorite drink. It's called a virgin Lemon-grass Coolie. It's usually served with some alcohol but it's also available without (hence a "virgin" drink). It is so refreshing and really goes well with the food there! It's a burst of citrus flavor in every sip and it's served with crushed ice and an orange twist.

I always have a good time at Monsoon and I recommend it to anyone who likes South-East Asian food (Thai, Malay, Mongolian... etc). They also have a sushi bar (although I prefer Sato for sushi, Monsoon's selection isn't bad either!). This week they are giving you a chance to experience a Thai festival called "
Loi Krathong", which according to wikipedia is celebrated annually on the night of the full moon of the 12th month in their lunar calender. It involves little rafts made from banana tree trunk section, leaves, flowers and other materials. Monsoon promises nights with performances and special menus! So, see you there ;-)

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