Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My (Unfinished) Journey Unlocking a 1.1.2 OOB iPhone

To my unamused surprise I have found that as of yet it is impossible to unlock an out of the box 1.1.2 firmware iPhone (i.e. iPhones shipped from the US after November 9th and UK iPhones). I promised a friend of mine I would be able to unlock his iPhone, but it turned out it was the above mentioned model.

I searched through google all morning today and found a few guides detailing how to unlock 1.1.2 iPhones, but this only applies to iPhones bought before Nov 9th (ones that were shipped out of the box with earlier firmware). As the stubborn iAddict that I am, I tried them anyway ;-) You can find the guide here.

I basically downgraded all the way down to 1.0.2 using iBrickr and iTunes (7.4.1), upgraded to 1.1.1, did a jailbreak, and attempted to unlock the device using anySIM, which notified me that the unlock was not successfull. So I proceeded to upgrade it to 1.1.2 again anyway, and I was able to jailbreak it, but the iPhone crashed (and burned) when I tried anySIM again. It kept rebooting so I had to restore it back to 1.1.2 and start all over again. In the end, I told my friend the status of the situation, and he settled for an "iPDA" (for now).

The problem is not with the firmware, but rather something called the bootloader. I didn't really look into detail about this, but it seems that the new version of the bootloader is what's stopping the unlocking process (mainly, running anySIM). But that does not mean these iPhones cannot be unlocked! During my search I found this site which promises to have the unlock method available once the "No" turns into a
YES! I will be closely following the status of this and will let you know as soon as it is available (and of course, my own results)!

Note: I did find these two links interesting, but I lack the l33tness to act upon them ;-)

Update (Dec 27th, 2007):
As of December 27, 2007 it is NOT YET POSSIBLE to unlock Out-of-box 1.1.2 iPhones from USA or Europe yet. We are waiting for Apple to release the next firmware update (possibly 1.1.3) to get a new hardware access key that will allow us to write the modified bootloader into the phone's memory.

The iPhone hackers are working hard on the new unlock and as far as I know they have already found the right places to modify in the bootloader to unlock the phone. Just as I said before: we are waiting for Apple to release a new firmware update before the unlock can be released to the broad public.

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