Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Remixes for Dima & DJ Mourad

Wow it's been a while since my last post. Got really busy with the holiday season! Finally found a little time to write something!

Last week I had a couple of remix deadlines to meet. The first project was Mourad Sliti's track 'CIK5' from his upcoming EP 'Small Deaf Country'. Mourad is a Moroccan/Swede I met on myspace who spins awesome deep techy vibes. I just had to be a part of his EP! Jo, the label manager, decided to release my remix along with the original track as a single in January, so I'll post the track up on Virb when the time is right! But if you wanna have a sneak preview, gimme a shout!

The second project was Dima's 'Empty', an Electro pounder! I was way past the deadline but Jo gave me an extra weekend to get my remix polished. You can check out the results on my Virb page (first track in the playlist). Thanks to all who have given me their feedback and I welcome any and all comments on the tracks!

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