Thursday, December 6, 2007

Successfully Upgraded to 1.1.1

Finally I took the plunge and upgraded my iPhone to 1.1.1 firmware. I felt my iPhone needed some refreshing so there was no better time to do it. I followed the steps on and the jailbreak and anySim-unlock were successful. Yay! I went on an "AppTapp installer streak" and started installing apps like mad (especially apps that did not work properly or at all on 1.0.2). Then I started modding the phone format.

And it happened...

The iPhone froze. I force-restarted it and the apple logo appeared; and it stayed. I panicked! Connected it to the pc and tried to let iTunes detect the iPhone in restore mode, but nothing would happen. Restarted the pc and nothing happened.
I was looking at what I thought was a beautiful useless piece of mobile evolution, dead by my curious and hack-addicted hands.

But just when I thought all was lost, the iPhone spoke. I love that sound it makes when it starts charging! It was alive! iTunes detected it, so I restored to 1.1.1 and followed the instructions again, and now we're back in business!
I think the problem was that I modified the old ABPhoneFormats.plist file that I kept from 1.0.2 and replaced it with the new UIPhoneFormats.plist, which is in a different directory altogether. So I searched for the file in google, modified it, then uploaded again and now it works perfectly! So if you face the same problem, and your iPhone seems to have gone into a coma, just keep the iPhone connected to the pc until it gets detected. Be patient! And I highly recommend you upgrade to 1.1.1; there are some great apps you can install like DropCopy, which allows you to share files between iPhones.

How to modify the phone formats plist file: Look for the us key (<key>us</key>). Replace all that is between the <array> tags (all <key> values) to this:


If you want to be fancy, you can replace the original key with this:

<string>+973 ########</string>
<string># # #</string>

Although it is completely unnecessary, but it makes 3 digit numbers like 181 or 196 appear with spaces in between, i.e. 1 8 1 and 1 9 6. Also, dialing with our country code puts a space between it and the rest of the number. Comment if you want more info!

On a side note, the ever useful ArabicSMS application is now in the AppTapp installer repository, so all can install with ease! Just follow the steps on mem9's site. Thank you Mohammad for the great work on this application!


Anonymous said...

why 1.1.1 ? i've successfully upgraded to 1.1.2 and unlocked it .. 1.1.2 lets you change number formating from the menu.

Buzzerk said...

A friend of mine had problems with 1.1.2 (crashes and such) so I was a little discouraged. I might as well give it a try :-) Thanks Hussain!

Buzzerk said...

UPDATE: I found out the problem wasn't ABPhoneFormats.plist that screwed my iPhone that day, but AppSupport! I uploaded the 1.0.2 version instead of the 1.1.1 version (silly me). Tested and it crashed again but iBrickr was able to detect it, and I sent the proper file back into the iPhone and it booted normally.