Monday, March 3, 2008

"Another Installer"

I just found out about this now! There is "another installer" available for the iPhone called Cydia.

From what I understood, it's got more features like download resume and search! It's a good alternative. You can get it by adding to your list of sources in installer. Once you refresh, it will be under the "System" category. BE PATIENT; It's a big install!


On a side note: I also read that Swirly MMS now allows you to receive MMS on the iPhone. I still didn't get it to send, but I haven't given up yet! More on this later...


Munther said...

Hey Ahmed..

Might not be the proper blog entry to post this request at but how about having something about SwirlyMMS ? And the settings here in Bahrain ? Since you are well connected in the Telecomms industry ;)

Buzzerk said...

Waish Munther! Well I tried every setting with SwirlyMMS and none seem to work. I left it for a while and have not looked at it since. I will post when I figure it out. Cheers for following the blog mate!

Munther said...

Man, tell me about it ! Got my hands on zains settings but it keeps timing out while connecting to the proxy !

Try not to enter anything in the apn, username and password and just keep the edge settings instead, as in, dont enter anything there ! Keep me posted dude