Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MMS Works!

FINALLY! With the latest release of SwirlyMMS I finally got the iPhone to send and receive an MMS message! Of course, there are still a few limitations:

1. Receiving is actually "fetching" and you need a file system browser (such as MobileFinder with MobilePreview) to browse to ~/Media/MMSFiles to view the pictures sent. Would be better if we can view the MMS message within the program itself
2. You can only send images. No support for sound or video files.
3. Portrait images get received as landscape (or at least when I view them with MobilePreview they appear that way).

Hopefully, these issues will be addressed in the next version. The settings I used for Batelco customers are as follows:

APN: mms.batelco.com
(No username and password needed)

Sorry Zain customers I do not have the settings for you guys. Try calling their call center to find out. Let me know if they work and post a comment with the settings so the rest of our Zain iPhone users can MMS!

UPDATE: A friend of mine pointed out to me that the Zain Bahrain settings are up on ModMyiFone.com and they are as follows:

APN: mms
Username: mms
Password: mms

The settings were taken from here. I added Batelco to the list as well here.

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