Monday, May 12, 2008

iPhone Finally *FULLY* Arabized!

Thanks to iPhoneIslam and Waleed Rafaat, the iPhone is FINALLY fully arabized from icons to menus to the SMS application displaying arabic properly! No more third party apps to read arabic SMS! Thank you iPhoneIslam and Waleed we have been waiting for this for a looooong time!

For steps on how to install +Arabtaller+ go here.


iTarek said...

You welcome brother :)
And thank you for writing about iPhoneIslam

trancepass said...

a question.
If I buy iphone in Bahrain, lets say from Imachine or geant, can I use it in other countries for example when I am on travelling home to Indonesia.
many thanks for the answer.

Buzzerk said...

Yes. It will only lock if you update, unless you buy a legal unlocked phone.